2 thoughts on “AH Yes! A New QRP Radio!

  1. Aloha, Looks good from here. Shoot that signal over to KH6 land.

    Been using my FT2D on WiresX in Personal Digital Node mode. Running the WiresX software on my MacBook Pro running Parallels software with MSoft Win10. Takes a few tweaks and then it’s rock solid. Working back into Kansas and NC chatting with old ham buddies.

    Limited WiresX out of PC and Daytona.


    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hiya Steve!
      Aloha to you too! Gonna’ have to see that setup…..I’m planning on remote stuff too, once I have some time. Doing Bikeweek (my last official one) and trying to get some Novice Rig Round Up time too…..got six today, but will not make 54 like in the past. Oh well, always next year! 73 , say “Hi” to your wonderful wife, and safe travels….don’t bring back no virus!

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