2019 Skeeter Hunt

2019 Skeeter Hunt Summary – Once again, in Buschman Park in Port Orange, FL.

Steve – WB4OMM – FL
Skeeter # 99 – All CW
Single Op
Skeeter QSOs – 4
Non-Skeeter QRP QSOs – 0
Non-Skeeter QRO QSOs – 1
S/P/Cs – 3
Station Class Multiplier X4
Logo Photo Bonus – 100 points

SOAPBOX:  Got a little bit of a late start at 2:00 PM EST.  Setup in the same park as last year, but got smart this time and wound up under a pavilion and out of the sun!  It was still pretty warm at 94 degrees and 80% humidity, but compared to last year, it was a cake walk!  Band conditions were horrible.  Worst I’ve seen in any operating event in a while.  I used the same rig, an Elecraft K1 running 4W to a different antenna, a 31-foot end-fed wire into a tree.  I also used a lithium-ion battery this time with more capacity (10AHr).  S7 noise on 20M….very few signals anywhere in the CW sub-band.  40M was worse (if it could be any worse)….not a peep except for one or two really weak signals at the bottom of the band.  I went back to 20M and it took 48 minutes for me to hear a signal I could work – NN9K (IL) – and the QSB dropped his first transmission to nothingness.  Got it all on the second.  30 mins later, I heard W3AQC (PA – my NAQCC buddies) up and down with QSB from nothing to S5, and managed to work them.  10 minutes later I could hear K9CW (IL) good enough for a Q.  Hunted around for then next 45 minutes…heard KD3CA several times, but never strong enough (and long enough!) to work him…..ditto NE5DL and W3GW.  Last QSO was with a non-skeeter, W9RAC (IN) who was booming in some 20 KHz down…as he should be with 100W!  Had a nice Q with him, but had to make it short as my laptop battery was just about gone.  5 QSOs in 4 states…..in just over 2 hours.  Not a great rate!  BUT….like always, I had fun, was out of the house and playing QRP CW.  The Best!  I have attached the required “selfie evidence photos” with the Skeeter logo at the station and another shot of the station setup.  72/73 to all, see you skeeters next year!  Steve WB4OMM

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