I am finally an Official Mouseketeer!!!

WB4OMM was “officially” appointed a Mouseketeer at the Disney Emergency Amateur Radio Service (D.E.A.R.S.) meeting on April 12, 2017 at the Disney All-Start Sports Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL.  Here he is in his “official” ears!!  Also he received a Certificate of Appreciation  and a D.E.A.R.S. official coffee cup!

NAQCC Sprint and NPOTA Certificate

I just got this in an e-mail from NAQCC – 1st  Place in the November Sprint in the Simple Wire Antenna (SWA) and Keyer Category – plus I was portable!  This Sprint was run from Seminary Ridge in Gettysburg National Park; a KX-3 running 5W to a 40M Hamstick using a mag mount on my vehicle roof – parked on the side of the road!  I made 10 QSOs in 7 states (including CA and UT!).  This QRP portable stuff is amazing!!!!!

I received the ARRL NPOTA Activator Certificate today.  Very nice!


2016 ARRL Field Day

The Daytona CERT Amateur Radio Team participated in this year’s Field Day event with a CW, Phone, Digital, CW QRP, and GOTA station – 375 Qs!  We also had a “donation memorial” dedication ceremony Saturday night.  I had a blast all weekend!   Here’s our group “mug shot”:

N4DAB Field Day 2016

Back from Dayton!

What at blast!  Went to both the QRP-ARCI Four Days in May Event (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), as well as the Dayton Hamvention (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) – was accompanied by Kevin KK4BFN, a relatively “new” ham (he’s been licensed 5 years, but just now getting into CW and HF big time).  Travel was uneventful, and traffic pretty light.  Weather was pretty good, except for some rain on Friday and Saturday, but not bad enough to dampen our spirits!

Got to meet lotsa folks (again!) that I work on the air regularly but have never met in person……just a few notables I can remember – Terry WAØITP (Four State QRP Group); Karen W4KRN and John N8ZYA (SKCC Group)…somehow missed my buddy Curt WA2JSG at the SKCC photo shot!   Saw bunches of calls I have worked in contests, QRP events, and other related activities.  Always nice to “put a face” with a call sign!  Got to visit with my ARRL “family” too, from HQ and in the Field.  In all, a great gathering of wonderful people.

I am happy to report, “I bought nothing big” during this trip…..some cables, a software programming kit for a radio, re-cap kits for two old boatanchors I have (for a Drake 2-C receiver and 2-NT transmitter), and some minor items.  Less than $200.00.  Yeah, I’m gettin’ better!!!

I was also able to get on the radio and work folks from OH, KY, and TN  locations – to add to my “states I have made QSOs from”.  I am up to 16 states.

Here’s some pics.

ARRL Dayton GroupThe ARRL gang at Daytona….I am 5 from the left in the back row…..yeah, just my head an a thumbs up!

DSC02986Gettin’ ready to “go to work” in the ARRL Radiosport and DXCC Card Checking Booth.  I checked more cards in this trip than I could count!


The SKCC Group Photo (actually photo #2…there were so many of us they couldn’t fit us into one photo!  (I’m 3 from the right, back row).

Kevin and I also participated in the “World’s Largest Build-a-Thon” at FDIM on Thursday, with some 300 of us building a 20M CW Transmitter – with no soldering!  (Yes, it works….will put it on the bench to measure output in a few days – look for it in my, “I built this” Page).



Friday at the actual FDIM Build-a-Thon, we built a keyer with paddles…..very neat!  (Yes, it works!)


The Dayton 2016 Built-a-Thon PicoKeyer and paddle.


This will also appear in my “I built it” page.


We returned home safely Monday evening, worn out and happy.  Glad to be home!!!

72/73 and Safe Travels!

Steve WB4OMM