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The NAQCC-FL Chapter consists of Central Florida Amateur Radio Operators that support QRP (low power – 5W or less) and CW (Morse Code) – using a variety of sources of power to include batteries and/or solar power and small portable radios and antennas.  In addition, the NAQCC-FL operates “portable” in the field monthly at local parks, or “Parkpeditions”.  In the last two years, this group has operated from parks in DeBary, Cassadega, Lake Helen, Deland, Pierson, Deleon Springs, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, South Daytona, Daytona Beach, Holly Hill and Ormond Beach.

Here’s a few photos of some “Parkpeditions” (“click” on the images to make larger)

IMG_1693 IMG_1614
Our “Parkpeditons” start around 0930 local time, and usually end around noon.  There may be three of us operating two stations, or 8 of us operating 6 stations.  We use small radios and very portable antennas and battery power.  The range of these stations are amazing – one member using 3W of RF power and a simple wire dipole antenna on the 20M amateur band worked a station in Denmark some 4,600 miles distant!

We sometimes send out “special” QSL cards for the events:

Blake Park Mar 14 QSL FRONT

Lake Ashby Park Oct 15 QSL FRONT N8ZYA

Lookit!  I worked John N8ZYA # 2279 – the VP of NAQCC!!

Here’s our tentative schedule of activities for 2020


PAST ADVENTURES: “Click here to see past reports”

dit dit      dit dit      dit dit      dit dit      dit dit      dit dit  

Our Next “Adventure”

River Breeze Park

WHEN:  Friday May 22, 2020

starting at 10:00 AM EDT (1400Z)

WHERE: 250 H. H. Burch Road, Oak Hill, FL 32720

Park webpage with directions: DIRECTIONS TO PARK AND INFO

FREQUENCIES: Please listen for us near 7.061, 10.116, 14.061, 18.080, and 21.061 – Look for posts to via the Internet when we QRV and occasionally during the operation to let everyone know who is on and where. We will also post when we go QRT. QSLs via the operator call.

WHO:  “The Usual Suspects – We Hope!!” – Steve WB4OMM, Art WB4MNK,  Rick AA4W, Don K3RLL, Wally KG4LAL, Bob W2EJG, Nicole KM4SBQ, Paul NU4C, John KM4JTE, Doug W4DBL, & John KD4JS (and whoever else can make it).


HOW: By the magic of CW QRP and Simple Antennas with Ham Radio!

Check us out on our web page for more NAQCC-FL Chapter info:

72/73! Steve WB4OMM #5913

dit dit      dit dit      dit dit      dit dit      dit dit      dit dit  

And here it is!   What WB4OMM sounds like when on an NAQCC-FL Parkpedition!!




Use this form to contact our group for more information.



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