Holy Kow! 8 Months Since My Last Post!

I can’t believe how long it’s been…and this year has certainly flown by! But, as the busiest retired guy you’ll ever meet (as my darlin’ XYL sez), I have been “moving right along!

With no further ado, here’s the catch up!! (It’s a long post, scroll down to the end!)

Last November 2021 – I missed my favorite contest, the ARRL November Sweepstakes Phone (I had to go to Jax Airport to pick up my incoming daughter for the Thanksgiving Day holiday); but I did “dabble” a bit in the Nov SS CW contest – and wow! Finished 1st place in my Division category and set a new Division record!!

In January, our local group (DB CERT ART) participated in the 2022 Winter Field Day at Reed Canal Park in South Daytona. And Winter Field Day it was! We froze our patoozkies off! The days high temp was 46; it was 37 degrees when we finished. They never got a photo of me, I was too busy hiding in my car to stay warm. The wind blew a steady 15-20 MPH all day, and I assure you, it was VERY UNCOMFORTABLE for us old Florida fellas. But we still had a blast – and the hot dogs and chili were only eclipsed by the hot coffee and hot chocolate!

Here’s the fellas working phone (left) and CW (middle) – the fella on the right is a Popsicle – he never moved from that position!!! (Ha ha ah, only kidding).

In February, I worked the ARRL Booth at Orlando Hamcation checking cards on Friday and Saturday; I also attended the Florida Contest Dinner and the Hamcation Chairman’s Dinner – here’s my selfie at the FCG dinner (where I won a $300 Heil Proset 7 Headset!) and my “caricature” at the Chairman’s Dinner. Had a blast at Hamcation and both dinners! Always fun! The FCG and Hamcation folks are great!

In March, I did my annual Novice Rig Roundup Contest – I finished 11th place (our of 75) with 66 Novice style Qs. Not bad for 50 year old equipment! Here’s the certificate and a shot of my Novice Drake Line using crystals.

In mid-April, I traveled to work for the Feds at the National Emergency Training Center in Emmitsburg, MD; I had the opportunity to do some POTA (I provided this in a separate post) and worked the NAQCC Sprint from Gettysburg Battlefield.

At the end of April, the Florida QSO Party had us driving through 8 counties in two days – but we had great weather, great conditions, and a great time!

In May……well, not a good month for me – I had two heart attacks on May 21 – one in the ER, and one in the Cardiac ICU – but two stents later I am as good as new!

June is Field Day month, and our group (DB CERT ART) scored the highest we have ever scored! Conditions were very good and we had a great turnout of folks.

July is 13 Colonies Month! And for the 14th straight year, I got a clean sweep! My wife and I also got COVID. But all better now!

Well, that’s it for now…….all caught up!

4 thoughts on “Holy Kow! 8 Months Since My Last Post!

  1. Yes, you had an “interesting” eight months for sure. An visit to the ER is no fun, ICU is scary. I am glad to hear you came through with flying colors! Keep up the good work Steve.
    72, Barry AB4QL

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