Whatta Great Ham Week!

Whatta Great Ham Week!

Started out Tuesday night with the NAQCC Sprint, made some 23 QSOs in 16 states; then on Wednesday evening, I got an e-mail posting from one of the Florida Contest Group fellas about Mt. Athos (Greece) active on FT8…….I ran out to the shack, fired up the rig, and in 15 minutes worked him!! An all time new one for me! (The photo is a screenshot of my FT8 contact – and already confirmed on ClubLog, so I know he was real and a valid QSO)……then Thursday night, I WAS THE FOX! (QRP Fox Hunt) – made 59 QSOs in 90 minutes on 80M with 5W to a G5RV…..conditions were superb! So many loud signal, it sounded just like the roar of a freight train. And to cap off a great week, Friday we had out local NAQCC-FL Chapter Parkpedition in Candace Strawn-Lake Diaz park in DeLeon Springs…..a beautiful day, and made 10 more QSOs in 8 states and Canada in an hour – here’s a shot of the spectacular view I had at the park.

Whatta Great Ham Week!!

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