Melbourne Hamfest

Another successful Melbourne Hamfest – brought 6 full boxes…..came back with one! And lotsa’ cash too!

Went down Friday morning, got there around 9AM……had about a third of it sold before the doors opened at 1PM. Sold some more before I left at 4:30PM. Came back at 8:30AM Saturday morning with my “hamfest posse” – my brother Jon KI4LOF and Nikki KM4SBQ…..after a stop for breakfast at a Cracker Barrel in adjacent Viera of course!

Sold some more, saw lots of folks, had fun and found good homes for my surplus stuff. What I brought back was minor and none ham items (mostly wi-fi routers and USB wi-fi dongles).

On Friday, I was challenged to have my usual lunch fare by my old pal Frank KB4T…… the last several years the concession stand in the Melbourne Auditorium wasn’t open, but this year it was. So I had my Chili and Cheese Fries with a cup o’ Joe!

It was kinda’ small, but tasty. So when everyone started asking, I just had to pull out the original photo from 2014 (below) – yeah, much bigger in size, taste, and calories! YES! I ATE THE WHOLE THING!!

Watch for more hamfest escapades coming soon!! (Stone Mountain, GA is next).