2 thoughts on “A “New” Addition

  1. Brings back memories Steve. My first rig was Knight Kit Star Roamer and T60. Two xtals – cuz I couldn’t afford the VFO.
    73, Ken N4KS
    New Smyrna Beach

    • OM, I felt the same pain! I had 4 FT-243 crystals for my HW-16 – 7160, 7170, 7040 and 7050 (those last two put me on 21120 and 21150 on 15M – no crystals for 80M!). I couldn’t afford the HG-10B at the time…….later when they changed the rules to allow a VFO I acquired a used Hallicrafters HA-5. Sold it pretty soon afterwards, and got the HG-10B. Wish I had that HA-5 now!!
      73! Steve WB4OMM

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