Back to Parkpeditions!

After an extended, “vacation”, our local NAQCC-FL Group is back out in the field. There were 5 of us today, and we had a blast – 15 QSOs between us.  Look for a posting on the NAQCC Chapter page soon……..but I just had to post the following e-mail message that I received from one of the fellas I worked this morning.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the nice QSO today! Conditions were fair and you had a nice signal here to central Long Island. I was scanning the band when I heard you calling CQ. Thanks for answering my call. I maintained solid copy. Your setup sounds FB. Please find the attached MP3 recording of our QSO. You can hear your signal and conditions on my side. Your fist was nice, easy armchair copy. No need to reply QSL. My log shows this was our first QSO. My SKCC # 19736

Station Date UTC Frequency RST Mode Log #
WB4OMM 2020-1016 15:15 14.059 579 CW 3142

I was using my Xiegu X5105 driving an Ameritron AL-811H with 100W to a 102’ G5RV Antenna up at 30 ft. The key I was using was the straight-version shown. See setup image below. Please visit my page for a description of my shack and vintage/homebrew gear.

I am also a 34-year member of the AWA and work my vintage gear on a regular basis; usually 20, 30, 40 and 80 Meters and always CW. I visited your webpage to get your email address and enjoyed your description and image. I am always glad to make contact with hams interested in mobile/portable, vintage/homebrew, QRP activity and CW operation. I hope to work U again soon. God bless you and your family.

Keep up the good CW work Steve! BCNU soon.

Best 73, Lou N2JPR

BUT HERE’S THE BEST PART – He sent me the audio of the QSO!  FB, THANK YOU LOU!

201016_002 WB4OMM

4 thoughts on “Back to Parkpeditions!

  1. Good to work you again Steve… it’s been awhile. Also got Rick AA4W.
    Look forward to your next Expedition.
    Curt K2CWM NJ
    IC-703, 5w to vertical, off a 12v battery.

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