2020 Skeeter Hunt

First Place Florida

First Place in Category 2 (Home/Kit/HB Antenna)

62 Contacts – 53 Skeeter Qs; 7 Non-Skeeters Qs; 2 Non-QRP Qs – 26 States

WB4OMM – Wow! I think the sunspots are back!  Ran the full 4hours, never left the radio!  Started on 20M and was very successful so I stayed there. Very good signals.  Checked 40M after 3 hours, heard and worked one station – (AK4JA) and went back to 20M after hearing nothing for 15 minutes.  Worked 7 more stations!  Elecraft K1 running 5W to a HB 124 foot End Fed Wire with HB 9:1 Balun.  Worked from the Shack this year, many parks closed/restricted, and though it would be better staying home.  Had an absolute blast!  Thanks to all that worked me, and apologies to the few that I just couldn’t pull out of the noise.  Looking forward to going back out in the field next year.  72/73 to all, Steve WB4OMM.

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