Another 13 Colonies Sweep!

Once again, the propagation gods looked down upon me with generous luck!  I was able to work all of the 13 Colony Stations except the Bonus Station on the day the event opened.  Then got the Bonus Station early in the afternoon the next day.  Worked them on FT8 digital, SSB, and CW.  Worked all 13 states, the WM3PEN Special Event Station, the GB13COL Special Event Station and the K2Z Bonus Station. Always a fun challenge!  Here’s the sweep certificate:

Another Trip!

Sooo……..actually two!  Was in Pueblo, CO and Tuscaloosa, AL working for the feds in May and July respectively….and worked the NAQCC Sprints both months!  Did pretty good too – wound up 1st place in “0”-land, and 3rd place in “/4” land.  Here some pics:

Pueblo, CO

The Park Location I Operated From


The station on the car console – KX-3 5W out to a homebrew 31-foot end-fed wire


The “business” end of the end-fed wire antenna – the wire was stretched vertically 31 feet into a tree branch.


Yep – that would be the tree! Also the rental car.  Can’t see the wire going up to the tree branch, but it’s there.

Tuscaloosa, AL

(actually, Cottondale, AL)

Yes, in the parking lot of the Tuscaloosa, AL Harley-Davidson Shop! Mag mount antenna, 5W out from the KX-3.


GPS location – always nice to have!

 Next trip – Emmitsburg, MD in August.  Another NAQCC Sprint too!