Up and Running!

Done!  All of the antennas are installed and connected.  Three days of coax routing, adding connectors, lightning protection, grounding and the antenna switch – and waterproofing all the connections.  So nice to have this back!  What is there (I know, it’s hard to see!) – from “top to bottom”:

Tower Mounted:  2M/70CM dual band vertical; 3 element 6M Beam; 3 element 10/15/20 Beam; Yaesu 450G rotor; 160M wire sloper; 4 position antenna switch; 4 element grounding (Alpha Delta 2KW lightning protectors).

Mast Mounted:  MFJ Receive only Loop; 2M70CM Beam; Channel Master rotor

Tree Mounted:  Full size G5RV wire antenna (E-W Main Lobes); End Fed wire antenna (N-S Main lobes)

The Alpha Delta Lightning Protection

The Ameritron Remote 4-Position Antenna Switch

Now for those contests and that new DX!!

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