QRPp – NAQCC Milliwatt Sprint

There are ways to operate contests and sprints that are more efficient than others and lead to better results. In NAQCC sprints we are concerned with helping newcomers to contesting, and we urge slower speed operation. The semi-annual, “mW Sprint” is similar in format to the monthly NAQCC Sprints (see http://naqcc.info/sprint_rules.html ) – except output power is limited to less than 1 Watt of RF Power (hence the term, “milliwatt sprint” – makes us “millimen” and “milliwomen”!!).  These pics are from the Dec 21, 2017 mW Sprint.  I wound up in 1st Place in the W4 land category.


The WB4OMM mW Sprint Station – Elecraft KX-3 Transceiver running .9W to a G5RV at 45 feet; a Vibroplex Deluxe Iambic Paddle and GenLog Logging Program. 


Here’s the radio emitting just .9W of RF Power on the 40M Band!! In this two-our sprint I worked 19 QSOs on 40M and 80M, in 11 states – amazing how so little power an a simple wire antenna can work so well – even under poor radio wave propagation.


More importantly, here are the necessary “factors” for success……Earl Grey Tea and Publix Fruit Slices!!  (and a Snowman Christmas cup!)……Hi hi hi!!  Great Stuff!!

The “fruits of my labor”!!

2 thoughts on “QRPp – NAQCC Milliwatt Sprint

  1. Congrats on getting 1st place! The Iambic paddle looks great. Who would have thought a snowman Christmas cup would contribute to success….i may have to invest…ha ha.

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