Flight of the Bumblebees – QRP CW Portable in Colorado!

Yes, I have conquered another state!  While visiting my daughter in Greeley, CO this weekend, I was able to sneak off to Greeley West Park at 10AM local time and participate in the 2017 Flight of the Bumblebees.  The Bumblebees (or BBs) are operating in the field with QRP (5W or less) stations.  I was BB # 60.

Using my trusty KX-3 and MP-1 Portable station running 4W (internal rechargeable AA Batteries), I was able to make 7 QSOs including 3 other BBs.  I had contacts in CA, UT, MT, MO, AZ and WI.  Heard but couldn’t work stations in TX, MS, and IL.

I ran until the batteries gave out – just over an hour.  Had a blast!  WX was great – 76 degrees with a light breeze.  Nice park…..I located it on Mapquest a few weeks ago before my trip, and it looked good.  Was actually great!  No one there but me!  About a 1/2 mile from my hotel, located in a quiet residential area.

Sorry about the selfie of me, but no one was around to take my photo…and I just had to show off my yellow and black BB shirt!!  Hi hi hi…….wore it for the occasion!

As always, click on the photos to enlarge them

72/73 to all!

Steve WB4OMM

2 thoughts on “Flight of the Bumblebees – QRP CW Portable in Colorado!

  1. Glad you brought your radio along with you. Looks like you were pretty successful. And nice shirt…works for the occasion…ha ha ha! Hope you are having a great time on the trip!

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