Summer Updates!

So here’s the summer so far…… 2017 Field Day, the 2017 13 Colonies Event, and the 2017 Milton Hamfest

      Daytona Beach CERT Amateur Radio Team 2017 ARRL Field Day

2017 13 Colonies Event

         A Clean Sweep!  Plus, the “G” station and Wm Penn!  8 years in a row!

 Frank Butler W4RH and WB4OMM at the 2017 Milton Hamfest

2 thoughts on “Summer Updates!

  1. Great post, I enjoyed reading it. QRP CW is where all the cool kids hang out! 🙂
    I’m new to CW, but having a blast. You can read my story here…

    72 de W9ODX

    • Thank OM! Took a look at your site…..NEATO! Very nice. Congrats on the CW “upgrade”. Yes, it’s a blast. I like to use QRPp too….fun!

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