The 1 Watter 20M gets a case!

I finally got the time to work on the “case” for my 1 Watter 20M, Serial #180.



My first attempt at “homebrewed” water-slide decals………they came out OK, but the paint I was using on the aluminum panel didn’t cooperate much!  I think my Krylon Acrylics were old (I have had them for years……).  BUT….still not too bad looking.  They do the job!  Couldn’t get the high gloss to make the decals “disappear”. 

The radio has an LED pilot light for power on; the volume control has an on/off switch; and I have the switch installed for the audio filter (a 4SQRP Hi-Per-Mite), but it is not installed yet….I have to build it!  After getting in all together, I will try it out later today to make sure it still works!  Hi hi hi……..

I’ll post more on this radio on my “I built this” page……….

UPDATE:  Yep, still works!  I have made two-way contacts with folks in 15 states so far!  Amazing what 1W of CW power will do (I actually have it set for .90 W so it is officially a QRPp radio).  Yes, the 3 element Yagi beam at 40 feet helps!

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