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Visit the “I built this page”…and see my newest addition…..a Kits and Parts “1Watter 14060” CW Transceiver……1 Watt output!

It took me a few days (about 20 hours) to put it together, and I finally had the chance to align it and finish it on Nov 23, 2015 – it fired right up, aligned easily, and on Tuesday, Nov 24, 2015 around 11 am, I put it, “On the Air” at the Dog House (on my A3S Beam for 20M).  I immediately worked KG4HV (John in Indiana, some 850 miles away), then Dave in Illinois some 1250 miles away……they both gave me great signal reports (559 and 579 respectively) and stated the signal sounded great!  My next task is to fabricate an enclosure for it……this on will be a “Show and Tell” radio!  Look for more updates and photos in the coming weeks.



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